Kitchen cabinet pull out shelf for the organizer in you

Kitchen Pantry Storage – Building a better ‘mousetrap’

Kitchen storage is perhaps the most utilized storage in your household as it is in most.  The ‘trick’ is to maximize your existing cabinet space, with convenience items.  You need to become empowered, so to speak to gain quick access to the contents of your cabinets.  Most requested items?s1

  • Pull out shelves and drawers for base cabinets
  • Easy slide out waste and recycling containers
  • Lazy susan for corner cabinets


With these 3 types of roll-out convenience storage products you will gain;

  • Quick access to the contents of your cabinets; as well as waste/recycle bins
  • Be able to view contents much better
  • Save your back (or knees) from bending and stooping

Pull out shelves and drawers offer the best return for your ‘convenience’ dollar.  They carry up to 100 pounds (which is usually much more weight than you would have on any single level of your cabinets).

Shelfmate provides all the products you would want to enhance the storage accessibility and convenience for your existing cabinets.  The advantages of hiring these experts are;

  • Taylor made (custom) products built to your cabinet dimensions
  • These are custom made, but not as expensive as you may anticipate
  • Professionally installed. Products such as these ‘retro-fit’ items which the builder of your home does not provide, are not complicated.  However, unless you have the right tools, and the time to learn a few new tricks, you may want to leave the installation to the pros.
  • This is what they do for a living. Experience counts.  net will provide details and FREE ESTIMATES. (see, and go to contact page.  This is where you will find the service area map, and a contact form for making a free appointment.
  • Lifetime product warranty (in writing)

In order to get the best return on your ‘convenience’ investment, look to the people who do this every day.  The estimate is free.  You will be able to see first hand how pull out shelves will create a new environment and organize your every day experience in your kitchen.  Your convenience is Shelfmate’s business.

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