Kitchen Organizing Hacks for an Efficient Cooking Experience

One of the biggest problems our readers struggle on a daily basis is that they spend more time looking for kitchen stuff and cleaning out messes than the time they actually do the cooking. Have you ever wondered how you can organize your kitchen in a manner that will enable you to do your cooking effectively? Well, here are some effective kitchen organizer ideas you may want to consider along with some great kitchen equipment you may want to check out next time you do your kitchen-stuff-shopping.

Lazy Susans

BlindCornrLSNo, this is not your next house maid’s name. This is a rotating tray on which you can stack your bottles, tins, and cans that are liable to make a quick mess. You can stack not only condiment but also food items like honey, jam, and bottles of oil, so that even if they get easily spilled out, you can always clean it up with a simple wipe out. Lazy Susan’s are available in different sizes, colors, and with different shelves. All you have to do is to find the right one for your need.

Shelving racks

With shelving racks you can not only stack your plates and dishes neatly and in an easy-to-find way, but also you can save a hell lot of space in your kitchen. Grouping and stacking plates and dishes by use on a rack saves the time you usually spend looking around the house for that displaced plate that you feed your baby or the dish you use to beat eggs. You can also match the racks to suit your kitchen décor.

Drawer Organizers

Use drawer organizers to place different tools and utensils in order. Store containers and their lids in a single drawer, so that it becomes easy to find and match them. Group the cutlery and stack them in different drawers, spoons and forks in one, and knives in another, beaters in another separate drawer.

Spice Storage Racks

pantryDon’t keep the spices, oils, jams, sauces, and whatnot in the same rack. Store your spices in a separate rack. By using a different rack for spices can not only avoid any unfortunate mishaps like using salt on your tea or sugar on your omelet, it can also maximize the effectiveness of your cooking time. By using a spice rack with different shelves, you can stack the spices depending on the frequency of their usage or something else that makes it easy for you to recognize them at a glance.

Wine Racks

Stack your wine on a single rack in your kitchen, so that the next time you may want to pour yourself a glass of wine while you are cooking, you won’t have to go from one end of your house to another looking around from bottle to bottle until you find the right one. You can decide whether you want to go for a wall-mounted wine rack or a standing wine rack or a floor wine rack to suit your spatial and decorative needs.

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