Renovate Your Kitchen In The Most Affordable Way!

So you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen and are not sure where to begin? Or what to spend money on? How about organizing your kitchen to start with? Spend smartly on a range of pull out shelves and see the kind of space it brings along.

Pullout DrawerThese shelves also allow shoppers or store associates to easily access merchandise at the back of the shelf that may be hard to see or reach. This feature is especially helpful when shelves are tightly spaced and heavily merchandised.

For a relatively smaller cost which gets added to the existing shelves in your kitchen pantry and cabinets, these pull out shelves will upgrade the style quotient for a fraction of the price of re-modeling promising maximize organization and easy access. This investment will grow daily providing tangible and intangible returns to you such as easy access etc.

Shelfmate brings one shop to you who provide the custom ‘double-deep’ drawers for baking pans and those hard-to-stack utensils. At the same time, we also offer removable dividers which allow you to customize your storage in no time.

The hottest selling product on the website is a wide range of Lazy Susan which is easy gliding pull out shelves to provide you with fast access to your kitchen and household cabinets.

Let me draw your attention to some of the benefits of getting pull out shelves installed:
• Save you time and stress when searching for items in your cabinets.
• No more getting down on your hands and knees to access or see what is at the back of your cabinets
• Unclutters areas of your shelves and pantry and eliminates the need to stack items
• Double your existing space, use every inch of your cabinet
• And guess what, these drawers save you money – you know what you have on hand and don’t need to buy more of something you already have

We are not one dimensional neither are our cabinets. Let Shelfmate demonstrate how we can provide the access to your cabinets with a choice of products. The mission is only one – To make customers’ happy and their lives convenient.

Bring light into your world and let it shine on the contents in that deep dark closet you want to organize. Email or call us today for a free estimate. Happy Shopping!

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